Q How long has Raumati Station been planned for? I am sure I heard about it years ago.


A You probably did! It has been on the Plan for almost 30 years as part of a commitment to 'enhance, improve and extend services”


Q Why is there no station at Raumati in particular?


A No rationale has been provided for Raumati missing out. For decades it has continued to be the only community on the Western railway line route without a station. The worry is that this obvious 'gap' may lead to other gaps being considered in the form of downgrading other stations on this and other lines; as was attempted but failed in the Wairarapa due to community action.


Q I went to a meeting a few years ago where Greater Wellington said Raumati could be  'too close' to Paraparaumu and Paekakariki to justify its own station. This is just not true. I used to live in Ngaio and we had five stations within a couple of kilometres if that.


A Yes, it is almost 2km from Paraparaumu to the Poplar Avenue area where the Raumati station would be – a distance roughly equivalent to that of the 5 stations on the J'ville line!


Q And what is more, I see they have all been upgraded recently ( the J'ville line!)

A It is true that the Johnsonville line has had a full upgrade to accommodate new trains, and that this included platform upgrades. The current double tracking through Raumati should also include construction of a station; and this is what we are campaigning for.


Q Are there any other communities where they bus you around a district 3-4 K in the wrong direction in order to eventually link to a station to get you to work?


A No – only Raumati people have had this foistered upon them instead of having a local station to board at.


Q Have you thought that it may be just too expensive to build a huge station the size of Paraparaumu and Paekakariki at Raumati too – those were designed in another era and aren't so affordable today.


A You are right.  GWRC introduced the concept of 'sister' stations – smaller facilities located in between major stations. Raumati Station fits the definition of a 'sister' station perfectly. All that is needed is a facility like those of communities of similar size – ie a basic weather shelter,  modest platforms either side of the tracks, with a connecting subway (like Mana's) or a SH1 overbridge (like Paremata's and Pukerua Bay's)


Q Why has GWRC opted for giving priority to supposed future projected 'growth' areas, where there are few people living now; and neglecting a well established population which has been promised a station for decades?


A Beats us!


Q I heard a GW councillor say that the WLR needs to be sorted out first. Why?


A Why indeed! Its just an excuse that bears little scrutiny. Raumati Station is not dependent on the WLR. A modest platform, bus/carpark and overbridge can be built using existing infrastructure.

However, if a WLR is ever built, or if the highway is widened (the latest 'idea') either could easily connect with the Station through an interchange linked to the station and Raumati community.



Q Why did the money for Raumati station get given and then get taken away? Wasn't it  meant to be built in 2008?


A Yes, it was planned for construction in 2008, after local MP Winnie Laban helped secure funding. Then, when they decided to extend the Double Tracking and Electrification  project all the way to Waikanae, they 'forgot' to plan for train stabling facilities there, so robbed us to pay for that, to save them going back to government for the additional funds for train stabling at Waikanae.


Q Would you want Waikanae improvements dropped in order to fund Raumati?


A No, the whole area needs electrification and double tracking but budgeting insufficient for Waikanae is no justification for delaying the long-promised Raumati Station. The extension of double tracking and electrification to Waikanae with additional stabling should have resulted in a bid for further funding, not a decimation of funding already specified for the building of stations like Raumati. It is questionable whether correct funding approval processes were used for these changes.


Q I have heard it said that rail passengers north of Raumati would be delayed by a 2 min stop at Raumati. Are train customers really saying that?


A No, they are not, it is the Maunsell consultants who came up with this, hired by GW to make a case for delaying Raumati station's construction. If the argument were valid, there would be no stops south of the Waikanae station!. We are all delayed by stopping at Stations south of us, on the way to town. We accept that public transport means sharing. However, the double tracking will mean no more 4 minute stops at Mackays Crossing and fewer delays at Muri while units stop to allow oncoming trains to complete the one-way stretch of line. So the overall timetable can stay intact.



Q Would a station at Raumati pick up enough new commuters to warrant the investment?


A Definitely would!  At Paekakariki 22% of working-away people use the train because there is a Station there to use. At Raumati it is currently only 8% of working-away people because you have to go 4K north to catch a train south again . If you are taking a bus for that journey, both ways, that adds a further hour/day to the commute – making it an 11 hour day, in contrast to the 10 hour day that our neighbours in Paraparaumu and Paekakariki have.


Q What about having a station at Mackays Crossing instead or at Raumati? Commuters could drive down there and park freely, and then the platform could be a recreational attraction in the weekends for people coming up to use Queen Elizabeth Park?


A Why put even more cars on to the highway, making a right hand turn from Raumati to get down to Mackays Crossing? If there is going to be a station, it should be at Raumati South, as planned for years for a population that exists now. The carpark for Raumati station is already owned by GW and is ready for use. Buses can also link to the Station carpark and its very accessible for people walking and cycling to it for the commute to town, or a one stop ride up to Coastlands.


Weekenders could also get off at Raumati and cycle/walk into QE Park from the north end, and enjoy the village and cafe offerings in Raumati South too


Q What can I do to join or support the case for Raumati Station?


A We would love to have you on board! Join our group by going to www.raumatistation.com and you will receive all our updates and newsletters and new items on the site. If you would like to join the committee and volunteer for a more concerted contribution, please call Cheryll on 04. 905 5582

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